2014 has been a busy and fruitful year for children. State of the art car seats, cribs, toys, clothes, diapers and so many really creative ideas for parties , learning and just growing up. It could be over whelming if you let it get to you, but remember you made it through 2014 …

you are still breathing and so are the kids!

Giving your child a great birthday party teaches them the importance of aging in a positive way and family milestones that they will cherish when they get older. Having one day in the year that makes you special is a great thing in my book!

I appreciate all the love , referrals and bookings you have given all of us this year. Making children happy and inspiring them to be their best is like breathing for me. Your children laugh and smile and say the most wonderful things to me , I feel blessed being a part of their lives.

May 2015 bring you more love, more joy and the faith to know wholeheartedly that you are making a garden of positive love for your children to grow in. A garden where you have gently planted, patience, knowledge, healthy eating, and a will be great. As they grow up you will know you have done your best to help them be compassionate and productive human beings.

Lets’ be the best we can be for ourselves, so we may be the example for our children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews.

Start 2015 with a cape on your shoulders and a tiara on your head, let everyone know you mean business, when it comes to making 2015 the best year ever!

God Bless You and Happy, Tappy, Wonderful, Giggle filled New Year!

Amy “Ooopsy”